To the neutral observer the Minmatar Rebellion ended a century ago with the expulsion of Amarrians from Minmatar space and the creation of the Minmatar Republic. But to many Minmatars that was only the first step and in the mind of this people the rebellion is still alive and ongoing. Its current guise may not be an all-out war between the two empires, but until final victory - that of freeing every single Minmatar slave - is achieved thousands of rebels risk their lives every day in the name of freedom for their Minmatar brethren.

The official stance between the two empires may be that of a cordial peace, and to enforce that stance regular trade and traffic is allowed to flow through their border zones in the hope that increased contact will improve relations in the long run. Naturally, this free-flowing space traffic has the undesired side effects of making it neigh on impossible to stop the movement of secret agents, saboteurs and raiders entering (what they consider) enemy space.

The recent announcement that the Amarr Emperor had received the most coveted peace-prize in New Eden did not go down too well with the Minmatars and in the past week raids and terrorist attacks inside Amarr (or Ammatar) space have multiplied to reach epic proportions. The Minmatar government has already released statements denying involvement in recent attacks and state they will hunt and prosecute those responsible. The Amarrians are skeptical about this and are considering retaliatory actions on their own. CONCORD has yet to step in, but many expect it must do so soon before the situation escalates out of control.