need to work off archives as well, don't trust the newer versions of sites.

AND need to consider item descriptions, missions and forum posts.

So need to record when info made public; all seems to start in 2003.


Chronicles and similar 'big' things.

News: x3

(new link now:

individual articles- for some reason, some don't show up in the archive but can be found on an individual ID basis. Hate that bit


had at least one 'new forum' thing. Track down CCP posts and 'official' info. sep 2011 - up to jul 2003 - sep 2011 jan 2002- jul 2003? ~2000

Eve Fiction was formerly 'Eve Library' (2008). 'Scope News Reports' merged into 'My Eve' (and hidden. somehow)

full website:

2008 -

2006 -

2005 -

forum - summit = 2094 topics, library = 416 topics. chronicles =87

2004 -

forum - includes 'scope news reports' (later merged into 'my eve', no library. summit=1062 topics. chronicles =77

2003 -

forum - summit = 219 topics chronicles:65 (inc tech articles)

2002 -

forum. library returns. 76 topics (later merged,sorta, into EVE Fiction and redated 2004; maybe. incomplete). no summit though. chronicles = 48

2001 -

back to eve library:11 threads. 3 chronicles.

2000 - no forum?

2000 - EVE announced. march.

eve the book - - includes up to 2006.


from 2000.

What about DUST - from 2011

separate site has articles going back to ....?

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