EVE-Online web update with a with a paper on jump technology, which includes: new screens, illustrations and schematics. Among other things: -Peek of the week-, new EVE Winamp skin, two fresh tunes in the downloads, section and an updated FAQ.


Minmatar update The EVE-online website has been updated with a Minmatar theme pack. Six Minmatar vessels are detailed in the ship database, accompanied with 24 new screenshots. There is also an illustrated short story, two new Minmatar tunes and some wallpapers to go with it. (Also Minmatar tribes)


July update The eve-online website has been updated with a Gallente theme pack, including 8 ships in the ship database with 32 screenshots, 2 video sequences, an illustrated short story, 3 new tracks and many other goodies. (also (Gallente government intro)


2908 Update The EVE website has been updated with the first ever screenshots of in-game characters from our graphics engine, an article explaining the works of FTL communication, 2 fresh soundtracks and wallpapers featuring EVE characters for your desktop.


17.10.2001 Update Its update time at eve-online! Amarr empire: 6 Ships in the ship database along with 24 screenshots, an illustrated short story "The Artifice Maker", 3 exerpts from the Amarrian score, 3 new wallpapers and an article about the Amarrian imperial heirs. And Amarr intro